All our boats are Sylvan Mirage 8520 CRS 20’10” pontoon boats with Yamaha 90 HP engines with a max capacity of 10 people and/or 1410 lbs.

Tubes are available for towing along with jump mats for (ENGINE OFF) floating times. We also offer coolers and beach towels to make your day on the water more comfortable – especially visitors traveling from out of town!

A single day rental is $375 plus gas. A multi-day (2+ days) rental is $350/day plus gas. Similar to a car rental, the boat will have a full tank of gas upon pick up and the renter only pays for the amount used. Gas prices are determined by the marina and subject to change.

Our online booking process is quick and easy! Similar to a car rental, a major credit card and a 50% deposit is required to reserve a boat. A link to our liability waiver is emailed 24 hours before boat pick for signature and a $2500 damage deposit HOLD is placed on the card on file on the morning of each rental.

Although a majority of Moosehead Lake shoreline is privately owned, there are numerous state owned public campsites and beaches to explore. Check out our Trips page to see our favorite spots!

Sunscreen, sunglasses, clothes that can get wet, and a dry bag to protect items from water, if desired. The weather can change quickly, be prepared to bundle up if it rains or temps drop.

Yes. The captain (driver) is responsible for every life on the boat and the boat itself. The lake is patrolled daily and the captains should follow the rules of the road. Operating Under the Influence charges can result in a ticket and/or be arrested if caught driving beyond the legal limits. Be smart, be safe.

Yes. We highly recommend packing water and snacks for longer boat rides! We also offer coolers to help cool and store your food and drinks. Each boat also comes equipped with a trash can to make clean up easier.

Absolutely not. Smoking is never permitted on the Boom Chain Boat Rentals dock or boats. An additional $200 cleaning fee will be charged for any smoking odors or residue.

No, none of our boats include a restroom.

Please note: We operate straight from our docks without an office – meaning there isn’t a restroom available during boat pick up or drop off. The nearest public restroom to our docks is located at the Moosehead Marine Museum, next to the Katahdin Steamboat and public parking lot.

Yes. Owners are fully responsible for the behavior and safety of their pet(s). This includes keeping them on leash and picking up waste while at a dock or any beach. Pets can not be left unattended on the boat for any amount of time. Renter will be responsible for any and all damages to the boat.

Our docks are located at 30 Hofbauer Drive, Greenville ME. We operate straight from our docks without an office! We meet each renter right at the boat for both pick up at 9am and drop off at 4:30pm. Parking is located lakeside at the end of Hofbauer Drive.

Renter must show photo ID, complete a lake and boat safety summary and sign a Pre-Departure form before loading. Please allow approximately 15 minutes for both pick up and drop off.

A liability waiver and rental agreement will be emailed separately 24 hours prior to boat pick up for a required electronic signature.

Yes! Multi-day rentals (2+ days) are $350/day plus gas.

Boom Chain Boat Rentals allows 3+ day rentals to dock elsewhere with prior notice. Address of the vacation house must be provided at time of booking. Operation for any multiple day rentals is strictly limited between thirty minutes before sunrise and thirty minutes after sunset.

Boats come with a full tank of fuel (approximately 20 gallons) and the renter pays for only what is used. Boats are topped off at the completion of each rental. Gas prices are determined by the marina and subject to change.

Call us for a tow! Please note, Boom Chain Boat Rentals is not responsible for loss of use due to illness, changes in plans or operator error.

Renters will be charged for any and all damages. A major credit card is required to confirm all reservations and a $2500 damage deposit will be held for the full duration of each boat rental. A copy of the renter’s ID will also be taken at pick up along with a safety orientation. Be sure you understand how to start, trim, run, dock and tie up the boat BEFORE you leave the dock.


All ages are welcome, but the operator must be ages 25+ with a valid driver’s license. Babies, children and pets count towards total capacity regardless of weight.

Boat rentals come with all required safety gear and accessories including PFDs, anchor, bumpers, dock ties, air horn and first aid kit. Each boat is also equipped with a map of Moosehead Lake, a trash can, storage basket in a covered compartment in case of rain or splashing waves and sun bimini.

Renters may cancel a reservation for a full refund up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the rental. Anytime within 2 weeks prior to the reservation, the deposit will be lost. Rentals can be rescheduled up to 2 days prior to the start of the reservation – if available and within season. Once rescheduled, a reservation can not be canceled for a refund. No shows will be charged the full amount of the rental.

Safety first! A combination of wind, weather and waves can make boating on Moosehead Lake dangerous. Boom Chain Boat Rentals reserves the right to determine unsafe boating conditions and to refuse service to ensure safety. If unsafe boating conditions are present at the time of pickup, (single day) rentals will be canceled and refunded. Multi-day reservations will be adjusted accordingly.

Rain alone is not considered unsafe boating conditions and refunds will not be offered for possible inclement weather predicted prior to boat pick up. Our forecast can change frequently, especially when it includes possible precipitation! However, if boat availability allows, we can reschedule to make an effort to avoid a less favorable Lake Day experience.

Please keep in mind that outdoor recreation entails an interaction with the elements! Escalated wind and waves are common on Moosehead Lake due to its size and depth. Rentals must be aware of changing conditions and be prepared to adjust accordingly.

A $2500 damage deposit HOLD will be placed on the credit card on file for the full duration of each boat rental. Renters are responsible for any and all damages. During pick up a map of Moosehead Lake is reviewed to help guide renters away from marked hazards. Please be sure you understand how to start, trim, run, dock and tie up the boat BEFORE departing.

Below are approximate costs of repairs/replacements from our local boat mechanic and part supplier:

Propeller $275

Lower Unit Assembly $2000

Side Wall Panel $2450

Pontoon $4000

Labor $125/hour


Moosehead Lake is a large – AND ROCKY – body of water. It is advised to stay at least 200 feet from land when following any shoreline or Island. Boaters are required to adhere to any safety or warning buoys posted around the lake – including No Wake Zones.

Remember your RRRs! Right, Red Return. Red buoys stay on the captain’s right hand side when returning to town.

Link to FREE online boating safety course:

Beginning January 1, 2024, a person born on or after January 1, 1999, may not operate a watercraft greater than twenty-five (25) horsepower for recreational boating purposes unless that person has completed a boater safety and education course approved by the National Associationof State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) prior to operating a boat. The boater safety and education course certification card should be kept onboard and must be presented for inspection to a law enforcement officer upon request. 

Renters may earn a temporary boating safety and education card through an abbreviated course. 


Please note, this temporary card is only valid for 14 days from the date of course completion – and does not automatically remain valid for an extended boat rental period. Boat operators can choose to complete the full course online or in person – which is recognized in all 50 states.